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Note 20, 2014-04-17

h.04:19:01. I called ipage about 1am. I got a connection not fast but without any message about high volume of incoming calls. Thus I asked about data base and perl at ipage. Just I started to look at mysql. I have there, at MySQL, 3 data bases. Two were made by myself, and their are empty (of course :-), and one was created for me in advance, perhaps by wordpress (?). It is an actual example. I'll studied--I hope I will get something out of it. I also followed the technical assistent at ipage, and have created a directory wh-perl at ipage. It is just another directory. I edited there a hello-program. Fine. But when I call on the magnifying glass for a preview then I get an error message 500. I tried two versions. One with a standard first line:


and another version without it. I got the same error message each time. I'll google about this, and, if necessary, I'll ask about this problem on a discussion group. Nothing is easy for me :-) h.04:28:49.

Note 21, 2014-04-19


h.03:51:20. I had a MO meager reputation of 1668. Now I have provided a bounty of a 100pt for a question, so that my reputation even went down to 1568; I wonder if it was a good investment? Włodek K. have invested 50pt on two questions, and it worked for him fine. h.03:57:38.

h.04:01:44. Soon I will not be getting a connection from Comcast. Thus I'll go to coffee places. It's not convenient. And it will be actually more expensive. It's ok. I will do more walking, I'll be more outdoors. h.04:03:52.

Note 22, 2014-04-26

h.05:38:19. I've met Prof WC several months ago. Didn't succeed in meeting him again until finally on April 23. CHAOS wanted me to meet him. CHAOS made me waste so much time to find him again. And now CHAOS makes WC leave UofM soon. He will assume a position at a different institution. I still have a chance to attend some seminars on politics and economy for a month or so. But it's not what I hoped for. Unless a still more unbelieve fluctuation would happen. It's not likely though. WC will have plenty of issues of his own to attend to. I did start to write about AofA again but not with much enthusiasm, see AofA quick overview. h.05:48:54

h. 05:59:48. (If I were still to achieve anything) I should count mainly on daba+dabanese. I was looking for an assistance in learning how to use a daba base, perhaps My SQL, at ipage. Today it has occurred to me that I should simply do the whole daba base software from scratch, which would be in my style. That should be the best. Do I have energy for this? Who cares?! At least I will attempt to do ot, I'll go ahead.

There are for me certain personal complications in doing it but I am not able to help it, while the time is running out on me.

I need to choose a programing language. It's just a temporary, practical decision. I should write that thing in more than one language anyway. The software can be written even in ten different languages, and they will do the same things. In this sense this is not important (but for practical immediate reasons). That why at this stage I do not need any fast language. That will be important when the system will be a production system, so-to-speak. Thus a script language can make thing easy. And the first thing that comes to MY mind is perl. Not because I know it so well but because I know other script language even less, virtually zero.

I need to get books on perl. I had several in California but got rid of all of them before moving to Michigan. I am old fashion--I still like books, am more comfortable than with the on-line tutorials. For a quick search the on-line resources are excellent though.

I am still thinking about a thousand other projects. I feel again like writing a textbook on General Topology. If I try I will do it in a way more focused on my specialities. I don't have time to cover even General Topology. Even? These days there are topics which I don't know, e.g. related to cardinal numbers. I would aim at universal functions, finite spaces as a combinatorial foundation of algebraic topology, etc.

I am still thinking about poetry. Why, I already started Tangia 2014++. It's not realistic to do all these things but let me write down some of the possible poetic projects:


Should I write about daba in separate files right away, or rather here first? Right now I am tired. Let me have a break :-) h.06:34:18

Note 23, Sunday, 2014-04-27

h.19:41:25.  This system and editor does not forgive. It's only here that inserting a text inside html tags:  a name="...", and its closing, wipes off the text inside and whatever else... The persistent (even worse) problem is a sudden logging off when all new text in the editor gets lost, together with a lot of effort.

h.20:43:29.  An hour went by, and I didn't write here anything, nothing. Oh, well. And the text which I have lost was about dautomatons. I just made up this name--dautomaton--and the notion. It stands for the directed automaton, which is an ordered triple $\ (X\ G\ A\ D\ f),\ $ where $\ X\ G\ A\ $ are three sets such that:

That's all.

h.21:26:42. Now a variety of questions can be asked. I could even restrict the attention to a finite set $\ A,\ $ (however the case of $\ A\ $ being for instant an infinite field, e.g. real or complex, can be exciting; especially when also $\ X\ $ is infinite, it may an involved structure like a topologica space or group or a manifold). First of all the very finite questions about small graph $\ (X\ G)\ $ can be asked. Next, for larger $\ X\ $, one can restrict from the above the cardinality of all sets $\ S(x)\ $ either from the below or from the above--two different kind of questions. h.21:34:31

Dautomatons generalize cellular automatons. Instead of considering a geometrically homogenous structure of $\ X\ $ (as in the case of $\ X:=\mathbb Z^2\ $), one may restrict the nature of the function $\ f,\ $ so that it would really depend, say, only on $\ |S(x)|,\ $ i.e. on the cardinality of $\ S(x)$. h.21:40:47

h.21:48:04.  Now I could study simulations of the universal Turing machine when $\ X\ $ is infinite, say when $\ X:=\mathbb N\ $ and similar. First I would have to learn the sharpest known results about the Turing machines.

But I am only distracting myself. I am not seriosly thinking about studying these problems despite the fact that they are fascinating. If at all, I have decided on other problems already. Eh, it'd be nice to have a lot of students!!! :-) I was always meant to have a lot of bright students, it'd be natural for me, but it never happened.  h.21:53:14

h.22:28:38.  Could I really have smileys etc. from html? Say the first one: How is it? Yes! How nice. How portable are these things? Can I use some of them for dabanese?

h.22:59:12.  I posted this news on a poetry board. Here is another one: . I would need to have a save, stable, secure archive of such images to use them for dabanese. And what about the moving aspect of these emoticons? I guess it'd be ok to take advantage of this ability, it'd be even a bit revolutionary and wonderful. One would need to be very careful that these possible dabagrams would not be confusing, would not get to way of one into the other. But also, one needs the related abilities of searching for such dabagrams. Would people be able to accept such movie-like dabagrams? Would some people have problems to some common medical conditions? Oh, well, I was earlier procrastinating about the AofA and about daba+dabanese. I meant to get beck to these topics even withot the emoticons!  h.23:07:33

h.23:10:59.  I really need a real good computer, with a large storage, so that I can do all kinf of archiving, e.g. of my own images like the above emoticons (I can borrow them, with an acknowledgement, but I would make to make a safe configuration; and to have some back-up komputers--I have huge plans and little time   ).

I also need, first of all (another first of all) to check my past writings about daba+dabanese. Here and there there can be a good idea about which I'd otherwise forgot. I never liked to look over my own stuff but I should do it (sometimes I was making a step back, or would even go wrong).  h.23:16:33

Note 24, Monday, 2014-04-28

h.10:28:13.  Let me copy a short introduction to dabanese from my old page:

dabanese  (updated Oct 31, 2009, 3:00 AM)

from blog: Wlod. Here is the QUOTE:


Dabanese is an international language for written communication. I have worked on it since 1985, while I got a mature version of it around year 2002. I still work on it. It's an open end project. The bulk of the effort will be always ahead of us ("us" meaning everybody).

Dabanese borrows its ideas heavily from Chinese. For instance, dabanese uses ideograms called dabagrams. In addition to the old ideas dabanese uses also modern ideas like formalization; and it uses the computer technology, which makes reading and writing in dabanese much easier than in Chinese. First of all, it'll be much easier to start to communicate in dabanese, and to learn the language itself. In particular, dabanese has just a very simple syntax instead of grammar. The whole basic dabanese syntax can be learned easily under thirty minutes.

I hope that dabanese will be the first written language of most every child. It's well known that the first language affects the development of the student's brain. Dabanese will do it in a superior way due to its sound logic, and due to the knowledge one which one acquires as a free bonus when learning dabanese. For instance, word "water" does not tell us anything about water, while dabagram  H2O  does.

END OF QUOTE  h.11:22:07

Let me now look for other places.

Note 25, Saturday, 2014-05-03

h.03:42:57. I stayed away from this blog for about 5 days but not from wlod.net. I got perhaps a mature version of daba--after all hese years. Now I actually write it down: The daba_0. I am about to continue with The daba_1. On page The daba_0 I have at this time only 8 (main) dabatems:

$\forall\ \ \emptyset\ $ mcr  lan  dbn  ndb  $\emptyset$lan  $\emptyset$dbn

listed here in the chronological order of their creating.

h. 03:56:09. Two items:

  1. I have the least dabatems for larger parts (not that large) of daba like  parts from dabatem lan to $\emptyset$lan, or from dbn to $\emptyset$dbn. The idea, which aimed at for a longer time, is to avoid a huge number the near absolute of children, i.e. of parents of $\ emptyset.\ $ There woiuld be also a huge number of descendants for every large domain like language lan, or even dabanes dbn, etc. Ideally, there should be only up to seven children, and up to seven parents for any datatem except for the regular arrays (like students of a school, world cities, etc).
  2. In The daba there is need to distinguish between a list like  { X Y }  and  { { X Y } }. I wrote about it more but ipage.com system disconnected me from ipage, so that ONCE AGAIN I lost my text, and this happens AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.


Note 26, Saturday, 2014-05-03 (another note today)

h.16:24:56. My head was swimming, I lost the thread of the idea of up-dates of dabatems.

h. 16:57:03.  I lost some text again. This time not too much. It's still awful. Tiring. I should write about the mechanism of up-dates b ut later. I want and want to start that new The daba page. But again, I am too tired for this now. I may spoil myself, and will start to write a General Topology text again. h.17:02:27  

Note 27, Friday, 2014-05-09

h.03:22:42. I just started Gen. Top. 2014++. I filled up only one page of The daba. I've wriiten only the initial esej on AofA. I was thinking about the UofM politics department, or whatever, but nothing is coming out of it (Bill C. must have too much on his mind to find time for me; and still, he is a very nice person, he's just busy). Actually, I spent most of my time during the last week or so on counting quasi-ordered sets. I got good thoughts but made no progress but a trivial items. I defined the social orders as such which have no minimal element. They seem to form a more complex set than the whole set of qosets. I could formalize the complexity of the classes of binary relations. Oh, well... h. 03:29:48

h.03:31:36  I also wrote and even posted my new poem fate yesterday, and today morning I copied it to Tangia 2014++, to wh-poems. h.03:34:25