wh: Sweet Angels



Sweet Angels

       don't know no violence
       they work hard
       they've sold their private cars
       for the cause
       Sweet Angels carpool
       in a van
       which they've filled up
       with condoms
       which they deliver
       free of charge
       to innocent kindergartens and
       to the elementary schools
       listen children
       Sweet Angels say
       when you grow big
       and feel like making
       an unwanted kid
       then don't
       do IT (here they blush dead)
       like this...
       Sweet Angels
       lean against their van
       in front of an abortion clinic
       with open hearts
       and for the women dragging their feet out      
       they silently pray
               God  forgive us all
       and women pray
               God  leave us alone
       and to the women dragging
       their bodies in
       Sweet Angels open their checkbooks:
          let us raise your child together
          i already have mine
          let me have one more
          let me have one more
          in case you have twins
       angels are that thoughtful
       Sweet Angels don't
       make unwanted kids
       they put their mouth
       where their mouth is
       and they blush of course
       these are the angels	   
       we sinners want to meet them
       'cos we are not impressed
       by the hate on the faces
       of the mongrels from Hell
       picketing the clinics