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Daba (or a universal data base system which includes a universal dabanese language) is an overwhelming project. It has to be: utmost logical, objective, systematical and structured; and on the other hand daba has to be dynamical (growing in time), live, tolerant, should contain potentially the whole knowledge, and it should be developed by tens of thousands or more people. It goes without saying that daba should be extremely useful. Thus daba should have more than practical, everyday applications (this too). Daba should improve education, clarity of human thinking, the quality of human brain (just like a good everyday physical exercise improves muscles), the quality of social and political interactions, and the quality of human life and the human being in general. In particular, dabanese will have a positive impact on a development, logical and otherwise, of the children brain.

It's a tautology to say that a system should be robust. In particular, daba--in a contrast to wikipedia--should not be bureaucratic  nor democratic or pseudo-democratic. Daba has to be meritorious and, as I said above, daba has to be logical.

One could think that the above assumptions are contradictory. Not so. I'll sketch how this idealistic project can be accomplished (over years). Like most anybody I had absorbed some knowledge from many people, even from generations of the past, and including the new experiences like computer data base software systems and wiki engines. I'll try to credit the past achievements but I am not any historians, I am truly sorry.

DISCLAIMER. This world is but CHAOS. Thus no great idea can last forever. But if daba could be developed and work for a couple of millenia it would still be not too bad.

Daba and a hierarchical daba support, sub-dabas

In principle, there is just one daba. Any essential information should be included in daba. However, this takes time. Thus the information should carefully and systermatically percolate from some similar daba like data bases of more narrower scope. Thus we will have a science-daba, culture-daba, sport-daba, etc. These special sub-dabas should already have their eye on hierarchical relations between sub-dabas, and with the daba proper of course, in order to help to make progress for the daba proper. Thus mathematics-daba and biology-daba should attempt continuously to be sub-dabas of the science-daba, etc. Thus some organizations (say, a mathematical organization) may decide to treat a respective sub-daba as official. But always the proper daba should take precedence in the context of educating the general public. This will be possible due to the flexibility of daba.

From now on I will discuss in this essay only the daba proper.

Robustness: flexibility and error correcting.

Daba is evolutionary like human brain (see David L. Linden, The Accidental Mind): whatever is accepted stays there--be it brain stages from old times or old daba records. When a record gets obsolite it's not removed. Instead a synonym is created. This way also errors are corrected. You just ignore them. This assures downward compatability. By comparing the dates of the documents one can interpret a given document properly. Even when a record is expanded over time one can verify its older version. Thus even when a whole daba construction went in a wrong direction one can built a new version, may keep both of them, and the older poor version will be mostly ignored. It goes withoyt saying that daba constructs have to be initroduced with the utmost care.

Technically, all above, about errors and obsolete material, is in daba done much more elegantly than it'd follow from the above description, as indicated in  Rubustness: updates and obsolete material.